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Below are the most current Conversations with Charlie Dyer archives. For shows prior to September 1, 2010, please CLICK HERE.
03/12/13 David Burns & Austin Young, TEDActive 2013 attendees & TEDYou speakers, Fallen Fruit Download
03/10/13 Diane Hatz, TEDActive 2013 attendee & TEDYou speaker, End Food Waste Now Download
02/17/13 Peter Trachtenberg, author, Another Insane Devotion Download
02/14/13 Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, author, On Looking Download
02/10/13 Jeremy Dean, author, Making Habits, Breaking Habits Download
02/07/13 Tanya Biank, author, Undaunted Download
02/04/13 Ashok Rajamani, author, The Day My Brain Exploded Download
01/31/13 Ana Homayoun, author, The Myth of the Perfect Girl Download
01/27/13 James Oseland, author, The Way We Cook Download
01/24/13 Julia Pandl, author, Memoir of the Sunday Brunch Download
01/20/13 Jane Heller, author, You'd Better Not Die or I'll Kill You Download
01/17/13 Joe Mozingo, author, The Fiddler on Pantico Run Download
01/13/13 Matthew Mishory, Edward Singletary & Robert Zimmer, filmmakers, Joshua Tree 1951 Download
12/20/12 Dave Tomar, author, The Shadow Scholar Download
12/17/12 Marty Makary, MD, author, Unaccountable Download
12/13/12 Charlotte Druckman, author, Skirt Steak Download
12/10/12 Steven Wolf, author, Comet's Tale Download
11/20/12 J.B. Kaufman, author, The Fairest One of All Download
11/09/12 Patrick O'Donnell, author, Dog Company Download
10/30/12 Diane Morgan, author, Roots Download
10/23/12 Florence Williams, author, Breasts Download
10/16/12 Mark Kram, Jr., author, Lke Any Normal Day Download
10/12/12 Jane Roper, author, Double Time Download
10/09/12 Matt Garcia, author, From the Jaws of Victory Download
10/05/12 Alex Boese, author, Electrified Sheep Download
10/02/12 William Crano, author, The Rules of Influence Download
09/27/12 Holly Menino, author, Calls Beyond Our Hearing Download
09/24/12 Pamela Slaton, author, Reunited Download
07/27/12 Rachel Swarns, author, American Tapestry Download
07/26/12 Gerald Chertavian, author, A Year Up Download
07/25/12 Kristen Suzanne, author, Raw Awakening Download
07/19/12 Janet Groth, author, The Receptionist Download
07/18/12 Dr. Ricki Lewis, author, The Forever Fix Download
07/12/12 Jennifer Gilbert, author, I Never Promised You a Goodie Bag Download
07/11/12 Robert Proctor, author, Golden Holocaust Download
06/29/12 Nancy Shulins, author, Falling for Eli Download
06/28/12 John Bateson, author, The Final Leap Download
06/21/12 Patty Newton, filmmaker, Pursuit Download
06/15/12 Aaron Likens, author, Finding Kansas Download
06/13/12 Benjamin Busch, author, Dust to Dust Download
06/07/12 Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, author, You Are What You Wear Download
06/06/12 Bruce Perry, author, Fitness for Geeks Download
05/30/12 Lynn Sherr, author, Swim Download
05/23/12 Julia Alvarez, author, A Wedding in Haiti Download
05/17/12 Kambri Crews, author, Burn Down The Ground Download
05/15/12 Rakesh Sarin, author, Engineering Happiness Download
05/11/12 Matthew Aid, author, Intel Wars Download
05/08/12 Rupinder Gill, author, On the Outside Looking Indian Download
05/02/12 Steven Lamm, MD, author, No Guts, No Glory Download
04/30/12 Jane Hodges, author, Rent vs. Own Download
04/26/12 Dr. Cynthia Bulik, author, The Woman in the Mirror Download
04/13/12 Daniel Allen Butler, author, Unsinkable Download
04/11/12 David Wolman, author, The End of Money Download
04/05/12 Jon Gertner, author, The Idea Factory Download
04/04/12 Dr. Tamara McClintock-Greenberg, author, When Someone You Love Has a Chronic Illness Download
03/29/12 Richard Torrenzano, co-author, Digital Assassination Download
03/26/12 Susan Vreeland, author, Clara and Mr. Tiffany Download
03/21/12 Claire Bidwell Smith, author, The Rules of Inheritance Download
03/20/12 Dr. Richard Davidson, co-author, The Emotional Life of Your Brain Download
03/16/12 Eviatar Zerubavel, author, Ancestors & Relatives Download
03/15/12 Dr. David Healy, author, Pharmageddon Download
03/13/12 Mark Sundeen, author, The Man Who Quit Money Download
03/09/12 Richard Move, filmmaker & TEDActive 2012 attendee, GIMP Download
03/08/12 Shannon Downey, entrepreneur & TEDActive 2012 attendee, Tough Mudder Challenge Download
03/07/12 Sarah Elizabeth Ippel, school administrator & TEDActive 2012 attendee, Academy of Global Citizenship Download
03/06/12 Jacob Soboroff, journalist & TEDActive 2012 attendee, Why Vote Tuesday? Download
03/05/12 Jessi Arrington, designer & TEDActive 2012 attendee, This is Your Brain on Rainbows Download
02/24/12 Eric Klinenberg, author, Going Solo Download
02/22/12 Dr. Tamar Chansky, author, Freeing Yourself From Anxiety Download
02/21/12 Lori Andrews, author, I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did Download
02/17/12 Mei-Ling Hopgood, author, How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm Download
02/13/12 Emma Marris, author, Rambunctious Garden Download
02/10/12 Rachel Herz, author, That's Disgusting Download
02/08/12 Kathleen McCue, co-author, How to Help Children Through a Parent's Serious Illness Download
02/06/12 James Cole, MD, author, Trauma Download
02/03/12 Dr. Kelly McGonigal, author, The Willpower Instinct Download
02/01/12 Claudia Kolker, author, The Immigrant Advantage Download
01/31/12 Chris Camillo, author, Laughing at Wall Street Download
01/27/12 Drew Ramsey, MD, co-author, The Happiness Diet Download
01/26/12 Winifred Gallagher, author, New Download
01/25/12 Amir Levine, MD, co-author, Attached Download
01/24/12 Dr. Julie Guthman, author, Weighing In Download
01/23/12 Captain Mark Schrader, contributor, One Island, One Ocean Download
01/20/12 Julia Cameron, author, The Prosperous Heart Download
01/19/12 Clay Johnson, author, The Information Diet Download
01/18/12 Dr. Gregory Sumner, author, Unstuck in Time Download
01/16/12 Jes Benstock and Sue Jeffries, filmmakers, The British Guide to Showing Off Download
01/13/12 Thom Fitzgerald, filmmaker and Ryan Doucette, actor, Cloudburst Download
01/12/12 Nancy Buirski, filmmaker, The Loving Story Download
01/11/12 Judy Chaikin, filmmaker and Roz Cron, saxophonist, The Girls in the Band Download
01/10/12 Jian and Lisa Ping and Ellis Goodman, filmmakers, Mulberry Child Download
01/06/12 Liza Johnson, filmmaker, Return Download
12/16/11 Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, MD, author, Becoming Dr. Q. Download
12/15/11 Jana Harris, author, Horses Never Lie About Love Download
12/14/11 David Kennedy, author, Don't Shoot Download
12/13/11 Jennifer Reese, author, Make the Bread, Buy the Butter Download
12/12/11 Kathy Eldon, contributor, Jennifer New's Dan Eldon Download
12/08/11 Robin Asbell, author, Big Vegan Download
12/07/11 Dr. Joshua Cody, author, [sic] Download
12/06/11 Elliott Carlson, author, Joe Rochefort's War Download
12/05/11 Jay Asher, co-author, The Future of Us Download
12/02/11 Rowan Jacobsen, author, Shadows on the Gulf Download
12/01/11 Dr. Brian Fagan, author, Elixir Download
11/30/11 Dr. Stephen Goldbart, co-author, Affluence Intelligence Download
11/29/11 Dr. Sandra Aamodt, co-author, Welcome to Your Child's Brain Download
11/28/11 Marti Rulli & Dennis Davern, co-authors, Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour Download
11/23/11 Sam Brower, author, Prophet's Prey Download
11/22/11 Jim Motavalli, author, High Voltage Download
11/17/11 Barbara Gordon, author, I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can Download
11/14/11 Dr. Brett Hoover, author, Comfort Download
11/10/11 Michael Belfiore, author, Rocketeers Download
11/09/11 Steven Johnson, author, The Innovator's Cookbook Download
11/07/11 Pesi Dinnerstein, author, A Cluttered Life Download
11/04/11 Jessica Cassity, author, Better Each Day Download
11/03/11 Lisa Kivirist, co-author, Farmstead Chef Download
11/02/11 Michael Scott Moore, author, Sweetness & Blood Download
11/01/11 Julia Scheeres, author, A Thousand Lives Download
10/31/11 Kerry Cohen, author, Seeing Ezra Download
10/26/11 Bill Vlasic, author, Once Upon a Car Download
10/25/11 Kathleen Flinn, author, The Kitchen Counter Cooking School Download
10/24/11 Jason Whiteley, author, Father of Money Download
10/20/11 Christopher Phillips, author, Constitution Cafe Download
10/19/11 Elisabeth Eaves, author, Wanderlust Download
10/17/11 Margaret Hawkins, author, After Schizophrenia Download
10/14/11 Brooke Hauser, author, The New Kids Download
10/13/11 Michael Ruhlman, author, Ruhlman's Twenty Download
10/12/11 Jennifer Lauck, author, Found Download
10/11/11 Donia Bijan, author, Maman's Homesick Pie Download
10/10/11 Peter Sale, author, Our Dying Planet Download
10/07/11 Celia Rivenbark, author, You Don't Sweat Much for a Fat Girl Download
10/06/11 Dr. Laura Carstensen, author, A Long Bright Future Download
10/05/11 Steve Duno, author, Last Dog on the Hill Download
10/04/11 Spring Warren, author, The Quarter-Acre Farm Download
10/03/11 Kristine Gasbarre, author, How to Love an American Man Download
09/30/11 Jeffrey Robinson, author, The Takedown Download
09/29/11 Menzie Chinn, co-author, Lost Decades Download
09/28/11 Dr. Marianne LaFrance, author, Lip Service Download
09/27/11 Joanna Poppink, author, Healing Your Hungry Heart Download
09/23/11 William Holstein, author, The Next American Economy Download
09/22/11 Lee Kravitz, author, ...unfinished business... Download
09/21/11 Dyan deNapoli, author, The Great Penguin Rescue Download
09/20/11 Ian Brown, author, The Boy in the Moon Download
09/19/11 Glen Retief, author, The Jack Bank Download
09/16/11 Julie Ross, co-author, Joint Custody With a Jerk Download
09/15/11 Robert Penn, author, It's All About the Bike Download
09/14/11 Elena Mannes, author, The Power of Music Download
09/13/11 Dr. Denise Herzing, author, Dolphin Diaries Download
09/12/11 Jesse Richards, author, The Secret Peace Download
09/09/11 Norman Rosenthal, MD, author, Transcendence Download
09/07/11 Dr. Thaddeus Russell, author, A Renegade History of the United States Download
09/06/11 Michael Uslan, author, The Boy Who Loved Batman Download
09/02/11 Siddartha Mukherjee, MD, author, The Emporer of All Maladies Download
08/31/11 Lisa Pulitzer & Cole Thompson, co-authors, Portrait of a Monster Download
08/30/11 Lee Siegel, author, Are You Serious? Download
08/29/11 Marilyn Howell, author, Honor Thy Daughter Download
08/26/11 Ray Jayawardhana, author, Strange New Worlds Download
08/25/11 Tom Mashberg, co-author, Stealing Rembrandts Download
08/24/11 James O'Shea, author, The Deal From Hell Download
08/23/11 David Kaiser, author, How the Hippies Saved Physics Download
08/19/11 Karen Giblin, author, Eat to Defeat Menopause Download
08/18/11 Peter Manso, author, Reasonable Doubt Download
08/16/11 Ed Breslin, author, Drinking With Miss Dutchie Download
08/15/11 Dale Maharidge, author, Someplace Like America Download
08/11/11 Ginger Park, co-author, Chocolate Chocolate Download
08/10/11 Juliet Eilperin, author, Demon Fish Download
08/09/11 Dr. Louis Hyman, author, Debtor Nation Download
08/08/11 Nina Sankovitch, author, Tolstoy and the Purple Chair Download
08/04/11 Tim Harlan, MD, author, Just Tell Me What to Eat! Download
08/03/11 Dr. David Livingstone Smith, author, Less Than Human Download
08/02/11 Alicia King, author, Healing Download
07/29/11 Frank Schaeffer, author, Sex, Mom, and God Download
07/27/11 Dr. Pat Shipman, author, The Animal Connection Download
07/25/11 Rick Beyer, author, The Greatest Music Stories Never Told Download
07/22/11 Glenn Geelhoed, MD, author, Gifts From The Poor Download
07/21/11 Dennis Merritt Jones, author, The Art of Uncertainty Download
07/19/11 Mark Seth Lender, author, Salt Marsh Diary Download
07/18/11 Rita Foley, co-author, Reboot Your Life Download
07/15/11 Stacey Edgar, author, Global Girlfriends Download
07/14/11 Anna Lappé, author, Diet for a Hot Planet Download
07/13/11 Dean MacCannell, author, The Ethics of Sightseeing Download
07/08/11 Dr. Curt Stager, author, Deep Future Download
07/06/11 Phil Southerland, author, Not Dead Yet Download
07/05/11 Karen Hough, author, The Improvisation Edge Download
07/01/11 Charles Durrett, author, Creating Cohousing Download
06/29/11 Melissa Coleman, author, This Life is in Your Hands Download
06/28/11 Robyn Griggs Lawrence, author, Simply Imperfect Download
06/27/11 Hannah Nordhaus, author, The Beekeeper's Lament Download
06/24/11 Directors Alex Murawski and Tanya Goldberg and producer Eric Olson, Palm Springs Internationl Shortfest Download
06/23/11 Filmmaker Daniel Monks, Palm Springs Internationl Shortfest Download
06/22/11 Directors Elite Zexer and Yoav Hornung and actor Dan Pfau, Palm Springs Internationl Shortfest Download
06/21/11 Dr. Dean Kowalski, author, Steven Spielberg and Philosophy Download
06/20/11 Dr. David LaRocca, author, The Philosophy of Charlie Kaufman Download
06/17/11 Philip Fradkin, author, The Left Coast Download
06/16/11 Kelly Dorfman, author, What's Eating Your Child? Download
06/15/11 Frederick Lane, author, Cybertraps for the Young Download
06/14/11 Dr. Howard Wasdin, author, SEAL Team Six Download
06/13/11 David Kendall, MD, author, American Diabetes Association Complete Guide to Diabetes Download
06/10/11 Randy Christensen, MD, author, Ask Me Why I Hurt Download
06/09/11 David Borenstein, MD, author, Heal Your Back Download
06/08/11 Mitchell Zuckoff, author, Lost in Shangri-La Download
06/07/11 Edward Humes, author, Force of Nature Download
06/06/11 Dr. Len Fisher, author, Crashes, Crises, and Calamities Download
06/03/11 Robert Lipsyte, author, An Accidental Sportswriter Download
06/02/11 Traci Foust, author, Nowhere Near Normal Download
06/01/11 Richard Louv, author, The Nature Principle Download
05/31/11 Alvin Townley, author, Fly Navy Download
05/27/11 Frank Rose, author, The Art of Immersion Download
05/26/11 Amy Ellis Nutt, author, Shadows Bright as Glass Download
05/25/11 Daniel Sieberg, author, The Digital Diet Download
05/24/11 Dr. Peter Coleman, author, The Five Percent Download
05/23/11 Joel Fleishman, co-author, Give Smart Download
05/20/11 Dr. Ken Dvorak, author, The Tube Has Spoken Download
05/19/11 Russell Jacoby, author, Bloodlust Download
05/18/11 Margaret Heffernan, author, Willful Blindness Download
05/17/11 Michael Corbett, author, Before You Buy! Download
05/16/11 Tracy Ross, author, The Source of All Things Download
05/13/11 Douglas Kenrick, author, Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life Download
05/12/11 Dr. Dale Peterson, author, The Moral Lives of Animals Download
05/10/11 Paul Gilding, author, The Great Disruption Download
05/09/11 Diane Ackerman, author, One Hundred Names for Love Download
05/06/11 Lynn Peril, author, Swimming in the Steno Pool Download
05/05/11 David Rains Wallace, author, Chuckwalla Land Download
05/04/11 Jacob Smith, author, Spoken Word Download
05/03/11 Tom Devine, co-author, The Corporate Whistleblower's Survival Guide Download
04/28/11 David Kirp, author, Kids First Download
04/27/11 River Jordan, author, Prayers for Strangers Download
04/26/11 Dr. Guy Winch, author, The Squeaky Wheel Download
04/25/11 Lawrence Culver, author, The Frontier of Leisure Download
04/22/11 Alexis Madrigal, author, Powering the Dream Download
04/21/11 Chris Farrell, author, The New Frugality Download
04/20/11 Wendy Brown, author, Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs Download
04/19/11 Dr. Sandra Steingraber, author, Raising Elijah Download
04/18/11 Dr. Dan Ferber, co-author, Changing Planet, Changing Health Download
04/14/11 David Goldfield, author, America Aflame Download
04/13/11 Dr. Deborah Fallows, author, Dreaming in Chinese Download
04/12/11 Thomas Larson, author, The Saddest Music Ever Written Download
04/08/11 Stuart Diamond, author, Getting More Download
04/07/11 Kathryn Lofton, author, Oprah Download
04/06/11 Alina Tugend, author, Better by Mistake Download
04/04/11 Roger Lowenstein, author, The End of Wall Street Download
04/01/11 Tracey Jackson, author, Between a Rock and a Hot Place Download
03/31/11 Liz Seccuro, author, Crash Into Me Download
03/30/11 Joel Best, author, Everyone's a Winner Download
03/29/11 Jacquelyn Ottman, author, The New Rules of Green Marketing Download
03/28/11 Ruta Sepetys, author, Between Shades of Gray Download
03/25/11 Katherine Ellison, author, Buzz Download
03/24/11 Siva Vaidhyanathan, author, The Googlization of Everything Download
03/21/11 Chris Rabb, author, Invisible Capital Download
03/18/11 Dr. David Anderegg, author, Nerds Download
03/17/11 Stacy Pershall, author, Loud in the House of Myself Download
03/16/11 James Geary, author, I is An Other Download
03/15/11 Allen Shawn, author, Twin Download
03/14/11 Alison Fitzgerald, co-author, In Too Deep Download
03/11/11 Kim Severson, author, Spoon Fed Download
03/10/11 Susan Anderson, author, Taming Your Outer Child Download
03/09/11 Dr. Dennis Reina, co-author, Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace Download
03/08/11 Dr. Susan Maushart, author, The Winter of Our Disconnect Download
03/07/11 Sgt. John Baker, co-author, Vice Download
03/04/11 JD Schramm, attendee, TEDActive Palm Springs 2011 Download
03/03/11 Krupali Tejura, MD, attendee, TEDActive Palm Springs 2011 Download
03/02/11 Seth Warren, attendee, TEDActive Palm Springs 2011 Download
02/28/11 Dani Rodrik, author, The Globalization Paradox Download
02/24/11 Dr. Liel Leibovitz, author, Fortunate Sons Download
02/23/11 Dr. Richard Settersten, author, Not Quite Adults Download
02/22/11 Marc Agronin, MD, author, How We Age Download
02/21/11 Bill Sharpsteen, author, The Docks Download
02/18/11 Elias Aboujaoude, MD, author, Virtually You Download
02/17/11 Kurt Timmermeister, author, Growing a Farmer Download
02/15/11 Steven Babitsky, author, Never Lose Again Download
02/14/11 Peggy Holman, author, Engaging Emergence Download
02/11/11 David Wann, author, The New Normal Download
02/09/11 Lauren Goldstein Crow, author, Isabella Blow Download
02/08/11 Rick Lax, author, Fool Me Once Download
02/04/11 Barry Schwartz, author, Practical Wisdom Download
02/01/11 Dr. Dickson Despommier, author, The Vertical Farm Download
01/31/11 Dr. Gary Vermeij, author, The Evolutionary World Download
01/28/11 Erin Bried, author, How to Build a Fire Download
01/27/11 Devora Zack, author, Networking for People Who Hate Networking Download
01/25/11 Darren Dochuk, author, From Bible Belt to Sunbelt Download
01/24/11 Scott Christianson, author, The Last Gasp Download
01/21/11 Jeffrey Spivak, author, Buzz Download
01/20/11 Gloria Feldt, author, No Excuses Download
01/19/11 Dr. Stanley Coren, author, Born to Bark Download
01/18/11 Richard Gray, filmmaker, Summer Coda Download
01/17/11 Ginny Ruffner & Karen Stanton, subject & filmmaker, A Not So Still Life Download
01/13/11 Alicia Rockmore, co-author, Pretty Neat Download
01/11/11 Laurie Essig, author, American Plastic Download
01/10/11 Sanjiv Chopra, MD, author, Doctor Chopra Says Download
01/07/11 Bill Katovsky, author, Return to Fitness Download
01/05/11 Dr. Kenneth King, author, Germs Gone Wild Download
12/22/10 Cami Ostman, author, Second Wind Download
12/21/10 Barbara Quinn, co-author, The Diabetes DTour Diet Download
12/20/10 Julie Klam, author, You Had Me at Woof Download
12/17/10 Hilary Williams, author, Sign of Life Download
12/16/10 Paul Erhlich, co-author, Humanity on a Tightrope Download
12/14/10 Jan Goggans, author, California on the Breadlines Download
12/13/10 Dr. Joseph Keon, author, Whitewash Download
12/08/10 Dr. Merri Lisa Johnson, author, Girl in Need of a Tourniquet Download
12/06/10 Jonathan Bloom, author, American Wasteland Download
12/03/10 Jessica O'Dwyer, author, Mamalita Download
12/02/10 Richard Conniff, author, The Species Seekers Download
12/01/10 Joanne Chang, author, Flour Download
11/30/10 Steven Kotler, author, A Small Furry Prayer Download
11/29/10 Kathy Spencer, author, How to Shop for Free Download
11/24/10 Kim Stagliano, author, All I Can Handle Download
11/23/10 Wendell Potter, author, Deadly Spin Download
11/22/10 Christopher Robbins, author, Apples are from Kazakhstan Download
11/19/10 Nancie McDermott, author, Southern Pies Download
11/18/10 Toni Yancey, MD, author, Instant Recess Download
11/17/10 William Tweed, author, Uncertain Path Download
11/16/10 Michael Hudson, author, The Monster Download
11/15/10 Mark Winne, author, Food Rebels, Guerilla Gardeners, and Smart Cookin' Mamas Download
11/12/10 Michael Perino, author, The Hellhound of Wall Street Download
11/11/10 Anna Goldsworthy, author, Piano Lessons Download
11/10/10 Sarah Wexler, author, Living Large Download
11/09/10 Steve Hendricks, author, A Kidnapping in Milan Download
11/08/10 Haleh Esfandiari, co-author, My Prison My Home Download
11/05/10 Dr. Matthew Gutmann, co-author, Breaking Ranks Download
11/04/10 Jim Minick, author, The Blueberry Years Download
11/03/10 Dan Olmsted, co-author, The Age of Autism Download
11/02/10 Carl Elliott, MD, author, White Coat, Black Hat Download
11/01/10 Dr. Barbara Almond, author, The Monster Within Download
10/29/10 Suzanne Berne, author, Missing Lucile Download
10/28/10 Dwight Zimmerman, author, Uncommon Valor Download
10/27/10 Liz Welch, author, The Kids Are All Right Download
10/26/10 Patricia Adams, author, A Force for Nature Download
10/25/10 Susan Compo, author, Warren Oates Download
10/22/10 Brian Delaney, author, The Longevity Diet Download
10/21/10 Ian Ayres, author, Carrots and Sticks Download
10/20/10 Julian Cribb, author, The Coming Famine Download
10/19/10 Millicent Monks, author, Songs of Three Islands Download
10/18/10 Stever Robbins, author, Get-it-Done Guy's 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More Download
10/15/10 Mitch Horowitz, author, Occult America Download
10/13/10 Kim John Payne, author, Simplicity Parenting Download
10/11/10 Pen Farthing, author, One Dog at a Time Download
10/08/10 Dr. Susan Love, author, Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book Download
10/07/10 Alan Khazei, author, Big Citizenship Download
10/06/10 Julia Rogers Hamrick, author, Choosing Easy World Download
10/05/10 Jay Varner, author, Nothing Left to Burn Download
10/04/10 Frances Cole Jones, author, The WOW Factor Download
10/01/10 Pamela Meyer, author, Liespotting Download
09/30/10 Harriet Brown, author, Brave Girl Eating Download
09/29/10 Marion Nestle, author, Pet Food Politics Download
09/28/10 Erika Lee, co-author, Angel Island Download
09/27/10 Suzanne Carreiro, author, The Dog Who Ate the Truffle Download
09/24/10 Ethan Mordden, author, The Guest List Download
09/23/10 Kim O'Donnel, author, The Meat Lovers Meatless Cookbook Download
09/22/10 Gwen Cooper, author, Homer's Odyssey Download
09/21/10 Julia Cameron, author, The Creative Life Download
09/20/10 Dr. Yunte Huang, author, Charlie Chan Download
09/17/10 Dr. Hal Herzog, author, Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat Download
09/15/10 Dr. Heidi Cullen, author, The Weather of the Future Download
09/14/10 Deborah Madison, author, Seasonal Fruit Desserts Download
09/10/10 Koren Zailckas, author, Fury Download
09/09/10 Tom Hudgens, author, The Commonsense Kitchen Download
09/08/10 Matthew Stewart, author, The Management Myth Download
09/07/10 David Stillman, co-author, The M-Factor Download
09/03/10 Jennifer Jordan, author, The Last Man on the Mountain Download
09/02/10 Micah Toub, author, Growing up Jung Download
09/01/10 Robert Doyle, author, The Enemy in Our Hands Download
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